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Our thanks go to the dance academies, theatre schools and artists who have contributed to the production of videos used on this website, our 2009 showreel, The Passion of Dance and the 2009 online Re-Mix:

 Laine Theatre Arts
Cambridge Performing Arts
King Slocombe School of Dance
Bodywork Company Dance Studio
Starstruck Production Company
Joanne Mills School of Dance
Rebecca's Academy of Dance
Ravenscourt Theatre School
Jayne Marie Dance School
Jan Cox School of Dance
Mambo School of Dance
Octagon Dance Studios
Music of the Spheres
Surrey Youth Ballet
American Academy
Hiel and Toe Club
Big Joe Turner
Pink Academy
Ginger Baker
Peter Andre
Pete Brown
Ballet Train
BB King

Current Projects

+ King Slocombe Seniors + Dancewise 2011
+ King Slocombe Juniors + Theatretrain Hertford
+ Surrey Youth Ballet 2010 + Dreams Academy
+ Nichols School of Dance + La Chique
+ JMDS + Joanna-May Stage School
+ Bodywork Graduation Show + Laine Theatre Arts Seniors
+ Laine Theatre Arts Juniors + Kids@bodywork 2010
+ A Measure of Scotch + Joanne Mills School of Dance
+ Miller School of Dancing
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